"So you don't speak Russian, you don't know where you are going, and your cars barely run, what are you doing?"
Dom responds, "We're on the Mongol Rally."
"Ahhh, ralliers."


On a rather warm day in late July of 2006, Mrs. Tigglywinks (1989 Ford Fiesta - $100) and Lil Larry (1990 Seat Marbella - $500) rumbled out of London and confidently headed towards Mongolia. Over the next five weeks, these meager vehicles fought through the ruins of the Soviet Union narrowly escaping gulags, drunken brawls, and death. Some cars survived, proudly limping into Ulaanbaatar, some were left for dead in the woods of Siberia or the Steppe of Kazakhstan. Some drivers hoisted a beer in triumph, others were abandoned to find their way home from the middle of Kazakhstan.

This is the full story of the adventure, as entered from the road, remastered with a bucket load of photos.

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